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INTRODUCING THE FRIESEN Bulk Seed Tender Seed Loading And Delivery System Friesen Bulk Seed
The Friesen Bulk Seed Tender is today's answer for bulk
seed packaging that requires an economical delivery
system allowing growers to fill planter boxes quickly and
efficiently. Friesen's exclusive design gently transfers seed
from its hopper to planter boxes without harsh augering
systems which can be hard on seed.

Efficient - Fills at a rate of approximately 400 lbs.
of seed per minute! Pick-up truck or trailer mounted models
to choose from.

Convenient - Saves extensive, "back-breaking" labor
by eliminating seed bag handling.

Economical - Allows growers to purchase seed in bulk.

Environmental - Eliminates the disposal of countless bags.

Model comparison
      * Liquid seed treatment system
      * Electric solenoid throttle
      * Electric start
      * Trailers
      * Customized company logos
Drill Fills drill fill
Friesen hydraulic truck or trailer mounted drill fills give you the
flexibility of dual compartments for fast, easy loading of bulk seed
and dry fertilizer. These large, truck mounted models utilize the vehicle's
hydraulic system to power the augers. Perfect for the largest planters
and drills. (Call for specific model specs, sizes, and capacities.)

Need Seed - Check out the seed options that we offer for - Maximum Yeilds 

  *We know that there are a lot of choices for seed that is why NAS is here to offer a variety of LG Seeds brand along with many varieties of grass, forage, and cover crop seeds. 

These the companies that we represent

   * LG Seeds
   * Arrow Seed


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